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  Upper Limb  
  Lower Limb  
accessory nerve
greater petrosal nerve
orbit - supraorbital nerve
accessory nerve - posterior view
hard palate
orbit - supratrochlear nerve
ansa cervicalis
orbit - trochlea
anterior belly of digastric
hyoglossus 2
orbit - trochlear nerve
anterior belly of digastric 2
hypoglossal nerve
anterior scalene
hypoglossal nerve - posterior view
anterior scalene
hypoglossal nerve 2
parotid duct
anterior scalene 2
hypoglossal nerve in oral cavity
parotid gland - left
arachnoid granulations
parotid gland - right
artificial opening into maxillary sinus
inferior alveolar artery
phrenic nerve on anterior scalene
auriculotemporal nerve
inferior alveolar artery 2
phrenic nerve on anterior scalene - close-up
auriculotemporal nerve 2
inferior alveolar nerve
piriform recess - posterior view
axillary artery
inferior alveolar nerve 2
posterior auricular artery
axillary vein
inferior laryngeal nerve - posterior view
posterior belly of digastric
bisected head - left
inferior laryngeal nerve close-up - posterior view
posterior belly of digastric 2
brachial plexus emerging from interscalene triangle
inferior meatus
posterior cricoarytenoid
brachial plexus emerging from interscalene triangle - close-up
inferior nasal concha
posterior triangle of neck
carotid sinus
inferior pharyngeal constrictor
pterygopalatine ganglion
cervical sympathetic trunk
infraorbital nerve, artery, and vein
pterygopalatine ganglion 2
cervical sympathetic trunk - posterior view
infraorbital nerve, artery, and vein 2
retromandibular vein
chorda tympani - middle ear
internal carotid artery
semilunar hiatus
circle of willis - anterior cerebral artery
internal jugular vein
sigmoid sinus
circle of willis - anterior communicating artery
internal jugular vein 2
soft palate
circle of willis - basilar artery
internal laryngeal nerve
sphenoethmoidal sinus
circle of willis - internal carotid artery
internal laryngeal nerve - posterior view
sphenoidal sinus
circle of willis - posterior cerebral artery
intertendon of digastric
stapedius muscle
circle of willis - posterior communicating artery
lateral pterygoid
circle of willis - superior cerebellar artery
left recurrent laryngeal nerve in tracheoesophageal groove
common carotid artery
lesser occipital nerve
sternocleidomastoid - clavicular head
common carotid artery 2
lesser palatine nerve
sternocleidomastoid - sternal head
common carotid artery 3
lesser palatine nerve 2
common carotid artery 4
lesser petrosal nerve
sternohyoid 2
confluens of sinuses
levator anguli oris
cranial fossa - abducens nerve
levator labii superioris
straight sinus
cranial fossa - accessory nerve
levator veli palatini
cranial fossa - basilar artery
lingual artery
cranial fossa - cranial nerves ix, x, and xi
lingual artery 2
sublingual gland
cranial fossa - facial nerve
lingual artery entering oral cavity
submandibular duct
cranial fossa - internal carotid artery
lingual artery in oral cavity
submandibular gland
cranial fossa - oculomotor nerve
lingual nerve
submental artery
cranial fossa - optic nerve
lingual nerve in oral cavity
superficial face - left
cranial fossa - pituitary stalk (infundibulum)
lingual vein
superficial face - right
cranial fossa - vertebral artery
longus colli
superficial temporal artery - left
cranial fossa - vestibulocochlear nerve
superficial temporal artery - right
cranial vault
mandible - coronoid process
superior cervical ganglion - posterior view
superior laryngeal artery
cricothyroid 2
masseter 2
superior laryngeal artery 2
depressor anguli oris
maxillary artery - left
superior laryngeal artery and internal laryngeal nerve
depressor labii inferioris
maxillary artery - right
superior laryngeal artery and internal laryngeal nerve 2
descendens cervicalis
medial pterygoid muscle
superior laryngeal nerve
descendens cervicalis 2
median cricothyroid ligament
superior meatus
descendens hypoglossi
median glossoepiglottic fold
superior nasal concha
descendens hypoglossi 2
mental nerve
superior petrosal sinus
dura mater
mental nerve and submental artery
superior pharyngeal constrictor
middle meatus
superior sagittal sinus
ethmoidal air cells
middle nasal concha
superior sagittal sinus 2
ethmoidal bulla
middle pharyngeal constrictor
superior thyroid artery
external carotid artery
middle scalene
superior thyroid artery 2
external carotid artery
middle scalene 2
superior thyroid vein
external jugular vein
supraclavicular nerve
external laryngeal nerve
mylohyoid 2
supraclavicular nerve 2
external laryngeal nerve - posterior view
mylohyoid 3
supraclavicular nerve 3
external laryngeal nerve 2
mylohyoid 4
supraorbital nerve
facial artery
nasal septum
suprascapular artery
facial artery 2
nasopalatine nerve
suprascapular nerve
facial artery 3
suprascapular nerve 2
facial nerve - buccal branches - right
neck 2
supreme nasal concha
facial nerve - buccal branch - left
neck 3
temporalis muscle
facial nerve - cervical branch - left
nerve of pterygoid canal
tensor tympani muscle
facial nerve - marginal mandibular branch - left
nerve of pterygoid canal 2
tensor veli palatini
facial nerve - marginal mandibular branch - right
nerve to mylohyoid
tentorium cerebelli
facial nerve - marginal mandibular branch 2 - left
occipital artery
thoracic duct
facial nerve - temporal branch - left
olfactory tract
thyrocervical trunk
facial nerve - temporal branch - right
thyrocervical trunk - ascending cervical artery
facial nerve - zygomatic branches - left
omohyoid - inferior belly
thyrocervical trunk - inferior thyroid artery
facial nerve - zygomatic branches - right
omohyoid - superior belly
thyrocervical trunk - suprascapular artery
facial nerve arch and video
opening into eustachian tube
thyrocervical trunk - transverse cervical artery
facial nerve arch - buccal branches
opening into frontonasal duct
facial nerve arch - cervical branch
opening into maxillary sinus
thyroid isthmus
facial nerve arch - temporal branch
opening into maxillary sinus (pin)
thyroid lobe
facial nerve arch - zygomatic branches
optic chiasm
torus tubarius
facial nerve exiting stylomastoid foramen
optic nerve
torus tubarius 2
facial nerve in facial canal
orbicularis oculi muscle
transverse cervical nerve
facial nerve in internal auditory meatus
orbicularis oris muscle
transverse sinus
facial vein
orbit - abducens nerve
trigeminal nerve divisions (pins)
facial vein 2
orbit - anterior ethmoidal artery and nerve
true vocal fold
false vocal fold
orbit - ethmoidal branches of nasociliary nerve
falx cerebelli
orbit - frontal nerve
uvula bisected
falx cerebri
orbit - infratrochlear nerve
vagus nerve
fila olfactoria
orbit - lacrimal gland
vagus nerve - posterior view
fila olfactoria 2
orbit - lacrimal nerve and artery
vagus nerve in carotid sheath
frontal sinus
orbit - lateral rectus
vallecula - posterior view
frontal sinus 2
orbit - levator palpebrae superioris
frontalis - left
orbit - medial rectus
vertebral artery
frontalis - right
orbit - ophthalmic artery
geniculate ganglion
orbit - ophthalmic artery 2
vestibulocochlear nerve in internal auditory meatus
orbit - optic nerve
orbit - periorbital fat
zygomatic arch
glossopharyngeal nerve
orbit - superior oblique
zygomaticus major
glossopharyngeal nerve behind tongue
orbit - superior oblique 2
zygomaticus minor
great auricular nerve
orbit - superior ophthalmic vein
ascending pharyngeal artery
greater palatine nerve
orbit - superior ophthalmic vein 2
orbit - inferior oblique
greater palatine nerve 2
orbit - superior rectus
middle meningeal artery branch